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I will honor your family and the choices you make. I will be your strongest supporter, and create a safe space for your physiological birth.


Nurturing Care

As a Birth Guide, I will give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make important decisions regarding your pregnancy and labor. After having a beautiful birthing experience, I founded my business in hopes of helping other mothers achieve their dream birth. My passion for birth work is evident; I will put forth the best I have to offer every step of the way. I look at each new birth as a unique experience; in return, I provide mothers with the encouragement and motivation they need.



What I Offer

I provide you and your partner with information, understanding, and support before, during, and after birth. Our initial meeting will help me tailor my packages to fit your needs. Get in touch to find out more.



Nourish and Heal

I am offering delivery services for my homemade, organic meals. Indulge in the ease and deliciousness of a nourishing meal made simply to help your body heal while you enjoy your newly birthed baby. 


Witness and Hold Space

With my Birthing Guidance, you will receive unwavering support before, during and after your physiological birth. I will stay in close contact to ensure you’re doing well.



Maintain and Balance

I use gentle pressure and massage on your feet to help your body achieve balance and wellness. This practice prepares your body to maintain a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.


Shift and Release

This healing technique allows your energies to shift and releases what no longer serves you. Using cleansing ceremonies and hands on techniques, I help you set intentions for matrescence.



"My Reflexology experiences with Danielle have been so supportive of my pregnancy journey! Her presence exudes a comforting peace that makes it so easy to fall into a state of deep relaxation, something so incredibly important for an expecting mama! Her healing touch has left me feeling in a state of blissful euphoria for days on end after our sessions together. I believe bodywork to be a crucial part of prenatal and postpartum care. She has helped me to feel energetically balanced and so at home in my ever changing body. Having Danielle a part of my birth team has beautifully impacted & greatly enhanced my pregnancy journey!" - Amanda

“Danielle was absolutely, hands down, who I needed on my birth team. Her support fit our family like a glove. She knew exactly what would help me move contractions along from reiki/reflexology, herbs, homeopathics, and just her overall reassurance. Her wisdom and knowledge of birth was integral to my mindset being in the right place. Danielle reminded me that I am in charge of my birth and that I can trust my body's intelligence for keeping me and babe safe throughout labor and delivery. I had 2 days of prodromal labor with broken waters and her confidence in me kept me going. Her presence throughout active labor and birth was exactly the care that I needed. She reminded me to breathe and her gentle voice lead me through my contractions until I breathed my baby out into the world. Danielle visited our family after birth and provided us with healing herbs, breastfeeding support, a ring sling carrier for babe, and a warm, delicious homemade meal. She continues to be a source of reassurance as she helps me via text at any time of the day for breastfeeding tips and more. I can't thank Danielle enough and I hope writing this shares a portion of my gratitude, admiration, and love for her. Please, work with Danielle if you're considering it because she will support you however you need to have the birth of your dreams.” -Hannah



Indianapolis, IN, USA

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